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July 4, 2013

Kevin Liles the man that keeps Gay Hip Hop Lies?

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(left to right) Kanye, LL Cool J, Kevin Liles

Ever wondered which PR personality has the responsibility of keeping Hip Hop celebrities past's a thing of the past? Well HSK have said they have pin pointed out, that industry executive Kevin Liles is the man being exposed for "connecting premier beards with the questionable artists he manages." 

A Source has revealed that Kevin Lilies clients are very well known and are some of the top power houses off their industries. Here's what is being revealed:

“Kevin will hook up Big Sean and Terrence J with fake relationships, but he’ll never do it for Trey Songz.

There’s crazy gay rumors about Trey Songz, but Kevin won’t hook him up because Kev is in love with Trey.”
Is Hollywood notoriously known, as the front name for Hollyweird? Of course! just see what YMCMB's Tyga is getting up to! 
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